Heidi Mckenzie | The Way of Dao – Today
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The Way of Dao – Today

I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art today and spent over an hour on the contemporary art floor – and was blown away. I have an insatiable appetite for getting inside the mind of a conceptual artist, and for me, really well-curated contemporary art is one of my greatest joys. This exhibition was one of those moments in time where I just lost myself in the flow of ideas, images and creation. The moving images, the film pieces were brilliant as well – the letters spilling into the body parts, and the large letters, you can’t tell the scale from the images, but they are at least 12 meters high – and they are the seasons. The same artist did a virtual “Real Life” movie of Central Park – of her imagination based on the seasons, complete with visitors – and of course, there were the rows and rows of ink bowls – telling us that uniformity is beautiful, nothing is dull, everything has a plain genesis… and the ceramic gloves and underwear, crumpled on the ground underneath the clothes line. Brilliant!

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