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BOWL SHOW at the GARDINER Last Two Days

Windswept - top right

Windswept – top right

The Bowl Show at the Gardiner Museum is up for a few more days. I was thrilled to be a part of this astonishing array of creativity and talent. I introduced my new porcelain functional series: Windswept. I am pleased to announce that the Gardiner Shop will continue to carry this series on an ongoing basis.

Life in Balance at Gallery 1313


I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in Gallery 1313 Emerging Artist Summer Exhibition -(July 10-20) Rwa Bineda Artist Statement (created in Bali August 2013)

Each instant carries with it a multitude of possibilities. We are bombarded by choice at every turn, and yet we tend to ignore the natural undercurrent of the rhythm of life. In Balinese culture I observed a pervasive sense of respect for the importance of the constant dialogue between good and evil. Balinese philosophy describes this ongoing play between opposing forces as “Rwa Bineda.” Many of the core themes in my work reflect back similar notions of duality: fragility and strength; static motion; yearning, submission and ultimately transcendence. Traditionally the Balinese depict Rwa Bineda in black/white and/or red checked patterned cloth. I chose to use the static motion of closed wheel-thrown loops. Life itself is an experiment – its twists and turns – and am coming to understand that balance is not an unattainable ideal, but an imperfect state of being that just happens one moment at a time.