Heidi Mckenzie | Bangkok in 24 hours
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Bangkok in 24 hours

Let me start by saying in reached 52C with the humidex the day I spent in Bangkok. It’s an incredibly easy city to get around in by cab or “tuk tuk” – and I literally got taken for a ride with the usual tourist scam (the government has declared a special day, all temples are free, you just have to visit the government emporium…) It was fun – hot, but fun. I bought a new set of clothes for under $10 in the market I sweat so much. It’s a beautiful city – and catching the Wat Po (one of the three main attractions of Bangkok, and the only one still open by the time I regrouped) was an experience of a lifetime – this is the LARGE reclining buddha, and all the amazing ceramic roof tile work and light poles – giving Jingdezhen a run for their money! In the evening I googled great vegetarian restaurants in my area, and found myself at a LOVELY vegan place, and ended up sharing a table with three lovely young women, interns at the United Nations – an unexpected pleasure.

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