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Jingdezhen in Macau

I went to two ceramic exhibitions in Macau last weekend: Fantasy World – Chinoiserie at the Macau Museum showcased the influence of Chinese Orientalism on European ceramics from the mid 17th Century – and then the flip side, Chinese ceramics influenced by Europe. Fascinating – I learned about Queen Anne of France (1689 -1714) just because she liked hot pink – now that’s a monarch after my own heart. Enjoy the images:

Pablo Reinoso and Zara…

Once again, mall culture meets fine art – 11 pieces scattered throughout the mall – FANTASTIC exhibition of this master’s spatial compositions the ordinary turned extraordinary. My camera battery died. Here’s the link to more infer: http://www.frenchmay.com/visual-arts/eventdetail/97/-/pablo-reinoso-living-sculptures

Beaudrillard: Vanishing Techniques

Beaudrillard – yes, this is the “simulacra” cultural theory philosophy guy – the one who turned postmodernism on its ear. This was an exhibition of 50 of his photographs, selected/curated by his wife. A loving and touching memorial to a great mind – I bought the catalogue, because I was so moved by his artist statement that was written only in French (everything else was translated in Portugese, English and Cantonese.) I have to post part of the poem and translate it clumsily:

C’est le livre qui te lit
C’est la tale qui te regarde
C’est le monde qui nous pense
C’est l’objectif qui nous fixe
C’est l’effet qui nous cause
C’est le language qui nous parle

My translation:
It’s the book that reads you
it’s the television that watches you
It’s the world that contemplates you
It’s the object that determines us
it’s the effect that causes us
It’s the language that speaks to us…

See some of these images – the one with the chicken parts is Toronto, the one with the ice on the stairs is Montreal.