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Opening Saturday April 11th, 2-4pm at David Kaye Gallery, North/West corner Queen St. W. and Dovercourt (entrance ON Dovercourt – next to Starbucks).

I continue to work through the profound insights I had in China 2013 regarding the abstraction of identity, culture and aspects of society. Work shown will be recent bodies of work, work from my residency in Denmark (November 2014) and work from China. I am asking the public to consider different facets of their lives through the work, considering how each and every one of us can contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Macau Visual Arts Exhibition

This stunning array of contemporary to traditional calligraphy and ink painting is open to all amateurs in Macau – what a treat! Feast your eyes:

In the Loop Install


I’m thrilled to be showing with this stellar group of artists at the Living Arts Centre – I felt elated to be able to realize the hanging piece I had started at Sheridan – and add to it conceptually, where the pieces hanging are the distillation of my self as a “white” person having grown up in brown skin. Stay tuned for the psa re reception to see the work.

Life in Balance at Gallery 1313


I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in Gallery 1313 Emerging Artist Summer Exhibition -(July 10-20) Rwa Bineda Artist Statement (created in Bali August 2013)

Each instant carries with it a multitude of possibilities. We are bombarded by choice at every turn, and yet we tend to ignore the natural undercurrent of the rhythm of life. In Balinese culture I observed a pervasive sense of respect for the importance of the constant dialogue between good and evil. Balinese philosophy describes this ongoing play between opposing forces as “Rwa Bineda.” Many of the core themes in my work reflect back similar notions of duality: fragility and strength; static motion; yearning, submission and ultimately transcendence. Traditionally the Balinese depict Rwa Bineda in black/white and/or red checked patterned cloth. I chose to use the static motion of closed wheel-thrown loops. Life itself is an experiment – its twists and turns – and am coming to understand that balance is not an unattainable ideal, but an imperfect state of being that just happens one moment at a time.

Lilibeth Rasmussen: Being Human Being

Lilibeth Cancua Rasmussen’s Being Human Being         at the Nikolai gallery in Copenhagen is transformative – the video documentating the performance art and the exhibition left me with a sense of deep empathy for her plight as an individual mis-read, mis-understood, and struggling to be seen. Her use of her family in her work (and I saw two earlier video’s of hers at the National Gallery) is kind of a genetic extension of herself and her situation – growing the microcosm slightly larger – this work is universal in theme, and the work with her siblings really moved me – tracing the footprints across the floor.

Churning: Transcending Material at NCECA 2014

Hi all – thanks to everyone who came out to NCECA in Milwaukee and checked out the Potter’s Council Juried Members’ show in the exhibition hall. I had some great feedback, really appreciate the support. It was a wild time! And thanks also to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting the transport of the work and for allowing me the opportunity to promote the work onsite.


made in porcelain, cone 13, 1320C – thrown, altered, slip cast with chinese transfers.


I just went to see the BMO 1st Art Student Awards at MOCCA (while I was viewing the Cronenburg curated show – which is another story altogether!) and I couldn’t get over the fact that there were two, count them TWO ceramic artists in the mix!  Kudos to Sam Knopp (whose crackle celedon evokes Donald Judd’s minimalism) and Hilary Smith – whose work, is in my view, pretty much “the highest compliment” – i.e. a copy of Sherry Boyle’s recent work – but, hey – GO FOR IT!!!!