Heidi Mckenzie | Artist Statement
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Clay is inherently of the human body – the sediment of millennia. The medium reinforces the corporeal themes implicit in my studio practice that engages issues of identity and belonging. Through abstract portraiture, I capture humanity – an individual, a culture, or society. This is explored through conceptual and material examination of ways in which clay, in its ceramic form, conveys “static motion.” I work in two different palettes or “ideascapes”: tonal and primal. Tonal draws on natures’ variegated earthenware hues of raw clay bodies, and primal is based on the colour-wheel’s saturated pigments. My shapes also draw on two opposing ideas: linear curves and basic solid three-dimensional forms; bands of thrown and altered clay are coaxed into kinetic rhythms with attention to line, speed, density, and movement in juxtaposition to foundational Euclidian geometry – the sphere, the cube and the pyramid. This natural sense of asymmetry is an organic way of meaning-making that combine to render abstract representations of the human condition.


— Heidi McKenzie